Forming Friendships with Other Disabled People: Why My Friends are Vital to My Well-Being

Forming Friendships with Other Disabled People: Why My Friends are Vital to My Well-Being

Image background is black with white and purple cursive-style lettering with a quote from Maya Angelou:  "No one can take the place of a friend, no one."

“No one can take the place of a friend, no one.” – Maya Angelou

In establishing Ramp Your Voice!, an imperative aspect I have enjoyed most is connecting and befriending other disabled people, especially those online.  My interactions grew from creating the RYV! Tumblr and Facebookpages, where I was able to follow other disabled bloggers and disability-focused organizations.  I never expected…

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Desexualising Disability


Two of my most favourite disability-related public awareness projects in recent years have been the American Able project and Undressing Disability. Both of them feature stellar images by great photographers, with brilliant disabled models, but more than that, they’re extremely confrontational, because they bring up an issue that many nondisabled people would rather not engage with: disabled…

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Sorry to break up the fun with a serious post, but my close friend committed suicide this morning. Her mother called me in tears and it was devastating news, so, because I never want loved ones to feel left behind or a wonderful, amazing and beautiful person’s life to end, below I have posted a list of hotlines to call if you need help.





Text Telephone:

Military Veterans
Suicide Hotline:
(Press 1)

Suicide Hotline 
in Spanish:
(Press 2)

LGBT Youth

Suicide Hotline:


Please call a hotline or a friend or family member if you are considering suicide. Suicide is permanent and you cannot know what lies ahead in your future. You are not alone in this. 

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New Comic!

Pronouns, right? Super weird little lexical referents. 

My site moved to a new host, so everything should be better now! Everything -  my site, my comic, my life, my cats, my cooking, my sex. Everything. 

Read the thing people.

the apology thing is really important because the second you do that the mistake becomes about you and your feelings and it becomes my job to console you after having my own feelings hurt.

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