Want to Be a Part of a Disability Rights & Advocacy Organization? Become an Intern at Ramp Your Voice!

Want to Be a Part of a Disability Rights & Advocacy Organization? Become an Intern at Ramp Your Voice!

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WINNSBORO, SC (Sept. 16, 2014) - Going into the second year of Ramp Your Voice!, I decided that now is the opportune time to expand my team by seeking the talents and skills of interns.  There is a lot of work that I plan to spearhead within the next year and beyond, and I cannot continue to do this work solo – compiling an energetic team with the skill sets I need has to be a priority.  With…

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Australian disability site RAMP UP hit by cuts - Activists have created a crowdfunding campaign to fund a replacement.

More info here http://wheelchairtray.com.au/supporting-voice-people-disabilities

To jump straight to the crowdfunding page click here 

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So I finally got my walker! (thank you again to those of you who helped me out with getting it) I went to the craft store and got a bunch of stuff and decorated it, because I just can’t deal with a plain walker :p Everything (besides the rhinestones) can easily be removed if need be. I’m so happy with it, isn’t it cute?!?!?! If anyone has any questions on how I did any of this or where I got my materials please don’t be afraid to ask me! Id love to help someone deck out their mobility aid

This is AMAZING,
!!! Love it!!


this is so cute!! now i wanna go decorate my wheelchair!

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Great news that Google has bought Lift Labs a tech company that makes an ‘assisted living’ product.

The Lift Labs device is a fork or spoon created to reduce tremor, by stabilising using internal mechanics to keep it steady. With Google behind it will have a big opportunities for reaching people worldwide and further development. NY Times has speculated that Google may have been interested because Sergey Brin’s mother has Parkinson’s disease and he has a genetic predisposition of developing it.

From NY Times:

Lift Labs’ founder and a handful of employees will join Google and work out of the company’s Mountain View headquarters.

Most people take eating for granted, but for the 11 million Americans with either essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease, the act of lifting a utensil can be harrowing, embarrassing and messy.

Lift Labs’ Liftware device – basically a vibrating spoon/fork that makes eating easier by counteracting the tremors with a bunch of little swivels – tries to ameliorate the condition.

“A lot of social interaction revolves around eating,” said Dr. Kelvin Chou, a neurology professor at the University of Michigan who has collaborated with Lift Labs. “It’s embarrassing for them, and they feel like people are watching them all the time. I’ve had patients say ‘Someone came up to me and said I should stop drinking.’ Things like that.”

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People with tremor might also want to check out the handsteady cup. 

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Looking for Publications of Writing by Autistic People



I’m looking for publications that publish writing by autistic people. They can be either professional or creative writing. Can anyone help me?

Wordgathering is an online journal on disability poetry and literature that seeks work by writers with disabilities.

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